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Exceed craft of smelt of pure ferrite stainless steel
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In last few years the development of ferrite stainless steel and application are taken seriously extensively domestic and internationally, its are main the reason is: (1)Ni resource is in short supply badly, range of Ni price wave motion is bigger, the manufacturing cost that brings about 300 series stainless steel rises considerably, and raw material is supplied did not assure; (2) progresses as manufacturing facilities and technology, can produce the ferrite stainless steel with a superior performance, replace a few breed of 300 series; (3) contains Ni stainless steel to have certain harm to human body, if have allergic reaction to the skin,wait.

Exceed craft of smelt of pure ferrite stainless steel

Content of extremely low C, N is to exceed the feature with pure ferrite the most striking stainless steel, and deepness decarbonization and take off nitrogen to also become the core technology place that exceeds smelt of pure ferrite stainless steel.

Current, domestic and international the smelt that a lot of scholars think to exceed pure ferrite stainless steel should use electric arc furnace (decarbonization of AOD, K-OBM, MRP) (fine of vacuum of VOD, SSVOD, VODPB, RHOB, RHKTB) 3 footwork craft. Because of two footwork (Chu Lian furnace 2 fine) medium AOD issues smelt in atmosphere, put in the decarbonization problem inside limits of move low carbon, go against economic ground production to exceed stainless steel of low carbon nitrogen. But too steel ever used two footwork (stainless steel of AOD) smelt ferrite

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