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Iron ore price rises greatly the influence of pair of stainless steel industries
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Group of Chinese treasure steel and company of Australian force develop 24 days with respect to 2008 money year fiducial price reachs iron ore consistent: Mine of the PB pink mine of force develop, Yang Di pink, PB piece mine will be in rose respectively on the foundation 2007 79.88% , 79.88% , 96.5% , the year that is equivalent to product of will all iron ore is fiducial go up tone 85% . And date from comes this year on April 1. This one result means refuse to budge of 4 many months in bay iron ore negotiation is about to finish.

If according to that day among RMB exchange rate valence 6.8736 conversion, so force develop PB piece the RMB price of mine from 466 yuan / ton rise 915 yuan / ton, rise extent is 449 yuan / ton, add iron ore value added tax 13% , criterion cost of every tons of iron ore raises 507 yuan / or so tons. The 1.6-1.7 of finished product mine of high grade ton can smelt 1 ton of cast iron, according to (1.7: 1) so cost of smelt cast iron is in 1758 yuan / ton; And those who take no account of smelt energy cost rise, mere iron ore rises in price bring about cost of every tons of cast iron to will increase 862 yuan / or so tons.

If stainless steel smeltery uses entrance iron ore completely, so in stainless steel, general according to the quantity that contain iron 70% computation, criterion the raw material cost of every tons of stainless steel will raise 604 yuan / or so tons; Mix loss of stainless steel smelt again of rolling become a useful person rate (with 90% computation) the consideration goes in, criterion the product cost of every tons of stainless steel will raise 671 yuan / or so tons. Be in 27800 yuan with the market value of 304/2B of product of mainstream of austenite stainless steel / ton will calculate, after increasing 671 yuan of cost, the price rises 2% ; To product of 430/2B stainless steel 12300 yuan / ton rise for the price 5% , in L1/NO1 and civilian battalion steelworks 201 hot-rolling price is it is 14600 yuan / ton, 13200 yuan / ton when, so after iron ore rises in price, criterion market price rises respectively 4.5% , 5.1% . Accordingly, only from cost theoretic computation, this iron ore rises in price extent, still caused not little impact to stainless steel market. This larger to downstream demand 400 departments and L1 price impact are worth to pay close attention to especially.

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