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Canal and pipe fitting will have thin wall stainless steel new GB
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Stainless steel card presses type pipe fitting and join of stainless steel pipe fitting to use thin wall stainless steel the national standard with tubal general new generation, the join of these two kinds of products and construction standard also will have national level.

On March 23, in the thin wall stainless steel that standardizes technical committee organization by countrywide pipeline accessory the canal reachs pipe fitting standard to draft working conference to go up, the expert delegate of academy of Chinese building design and manufacturer of pipe fitting of partial stainless steel represent pair of GB/T91228.1 " stainless steel blocks the pipe fitting that press type " , GB/T91228.2 " stainless steel pipe fitting joins with Bao Bi stainless steel is in charge of " , GB/T91228.3 " stainless steel card presses type pipe fitting to use 0 form sealing ring " 3 states level undertook, and with respect to relative standard edit reach consensus: Will our country at present the stainless steel of on market 12 above is in charge of series of material external diameter to unite allow dimension for 2 basic mark, the wall that will be in charge of material is large unified for a basic measure; The crucial dimension that new standard still presses normative card the meaning of type pipe fitting, unified card to press type pipe fitting, the metallic stuff that differs to will come (the steel that be like carbon, copper and stainless steel) on pipe fitting of card pressing type apply the foundation of conduit external diameter that offers to unite.

In addition, expert attending the meeting returns pair of national level —— in drafting " stainless steel canal and pipe fitting join and installation are normative " undertook discussion, decide to Bao Bi stainless steel is in charge of means of 3 kinds of between material and pipe fitting main join (card pressing type, whorl type, solder type) put forward specific installation requirement and standard, press normative construction for construction unit, examine by national level for relevant unit with check and accept offer advantage.

The partial expert that attend the meeting thinks: The editing that Bao Bi stainless steel is in charge of new GB and " stainless steel canal and pipe fitting join and installation are normative " the publishs the product standard that will make stainless steel canal reachs pipe fitting and join of pipe fitting tubal material to install a standard standard of national level realizes accurate butt joint, will make up for the standard of product of stainless steel pipe fitting that there is national level only before and the regret that installs normative standard without the stainless steel pipe fitting of national level; Be in charge of end China building the standard to cite with stainless steel non-standard history; Will be in charge of to different metal stuff the standardization on building pipeline construction and efficient bring change newly.
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