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Root of our country head exceeds exceed critical utility boiler to be born with
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First utility boiler of our country is used super- exceed critical valve to be in Zhejiang Jiuliji is round Inc. is born. Before before long, “ is long establish what ” produces to exceed exceed critical utility boiler to pass national technical appraisement with new product of ASME CODE CASE 2328-1 of stainless steel seamless steel tube. Experts think, this product fill the blank that home produces this kinds of seamless steel tube, broke foreign forestall, indicate tubal production level achieves an our country stainless steel a new standard.

It is reported, super- exceed critical boiler technology at going up 90 time are in the century Europe comes out, it is the most advanced coal fired on international generates electricity technology. At present our country utility boiler generates electricity on average coal consumption is 374 grams / kilowatt hour, and 1 million kilowatt exceeds those who exceed critical aircrew to generate electricity coal consumption is in 256 grams / kilowatt hour, generate electricity more on average than general utility boiler coal consumption is reduced 31.5% , the energy-saving effect that decrease a platoon is apparent. But come to our country for a long time exceed exceed key of critical utility boiler to be able to bear or endure lukewarm compression depend on an entrance, not only price of every tons of entrance is as high as nearly 200 thousand yuan, and still need to shift to an earlier date half an year is ordered.

2006, jiuliji is round begin to begin to exceed the research and development that exceeds critical utility boiler to use stainless steel seamless steel tube. Through 2 years of much effort, capital of devoted research and development many yuan 2000, many experiment undertook in the respect such as craft of heat treatment of dissolve of hot extruding, cold working, solid, obtained major breakthrough.

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