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Conduit of thin wall stainless steel develops a trend in what home applies
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The development as national economy and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly, conduit of thin wall stainless steel and stainless steel pipe fitting had become the new trend that system of pipeline of domestic water supply develops.

Conduit of stainless steel of domestic thin wall is 20 centuries the new-style canal material that 90 time end just comes out, because its have safe sanitation, intensity tall, be able to bear or endure corrode sex good, hard usage, life is long, maintenance-free, beautiful wait for a characteristic, momentum of development of stainless steel conduit is at present powerful, already applied at building water supply and path of straight water hose in great quantities.

Construction ministry released conduit of stainless steel of CJ/T151 Bao Bi and CJ/T152 stainless steel to block the occupation standard of the pipe fitting that press type on August 24, 2001.

Stimulative center of Chinese technology market control released ministry of national science and technology to apply " Gao Jingbi to compare high accuracy stainless steel about promotion 2001 the announcement of feed pipe of medium, high pressure and pipe fitting of form a complete set and special technology " , to thin wall stainless steel the canal gives sufficient affirmation, think the promotion of this technology and product applies, class of contemporary to rising architectural, improvement and water quality of safeguard water supply have principal port.

Construction ministry was released on January 2, 2003 " complete countryman designs technical measure with construction project " in the announcement, put forward " to be in charge of material appropriate preferential choose " of steel tube of Bao Bi stainless steel.

National quality was supervised on July 10, 2003 examine the series standard that quarantine total bureau released GB/T19228.1, GB/T19228.2, GB/T19228.3, promotion stainless steel blocks system of the pipeline that press type.

Association of Chinese project standardization released CECS 153-2003 to build regulations of technology of plumbing of stainless steel of water supply thin wall on September 25, 2003.

Company of Beijing tap water [2003]194 date file: Taboo galvanization conduit, advocate use stainless steel to be in charge of, copper pipe is repelled outer.

The building that builds after January 1, 2004 needs to pass conduit material examine and verify, do not accord with a requirement do not grant to check and accept a water.

Built an approval to build design academy chief editor by the university that be the same as aid on July 12, 2004 " conduit of metal of building water supply is installed -- stainless steel is in charge of Bao Bi " (04S407-2) build a standard to design for the country, execute since August 15, 2004.

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