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Do stainless steel to be in charge of the precede person of course of study
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Before before long, zhejiang is long if wish,establish group Inc. the ground takes the United States Aersitong certificate of eligible supplier of boiler pressure vessel! From now on, long the product that stand is OK the mainstream market that free uses steel tube in American boiler all right.


Enclasp fist, bend force stainless steel advocate course of study, this is long the key that stands to develop quickly in last few years. Jiuliji is round company president Zhou Zhijiang is its definition a kind of active strategy transition.

Our country is the country of the biggest stainless steel consumption on the world, also be country of the biggest stainless steel entrance, as the development of our country economy, demand of stainless steel canal is swift and violent increase, and production especially the production of high-grade canal material is serious lag, the high-grade stainless steel that the field place such as report of high-pressured boiler, oil, power station, medical treatment, nucleus uses is in charge of still depend on an entrance in great quantities. Face contradiction of sex of this one structure, company of production of stainless steel pipe still lies the state of low-level dilate.

Zhou Zhijiang knows very well, carry out strategic transition actively, adjust industrial structure as soon as possible, jump out low end competes to be encircled quite, just be long the outlet that establishs high-end development. Since 2001, zhou Zhijiang puts forward “ enclasp fist, concentrated force quantity is done do strong stainless steel to be in charge of greatly advocate the development train of thought of ” of course of study, the target is the ” of the person that precede that “ world stainless steel is in charge of.

Through sending, broken, stop, and, turn wait for a series of measure, long stand to exit the industry such as small pink of fire prevention cable, magnesian, silicon decisively. Among them the most eye-catching is industry of fire prevention cable exit.

Today with “ industrial ” of stainless steel canal is banner domestic and international long stand, ever labelled product of fire prevention cable 34 years ago the industry that company emphasis develops. According to introducing, long at that time standing is base of country's biggest production of fire prevention cable, win the bid in a lot of country priority discipline early or late, the market is had rate amount to 70% above, year sale exceeds 100 million yuan.

2003, company of family of peaceful of United States of 500 strong companies is in the world the market survey with sufficient course, appetent whole is bought long establish product line of fire prevention cable. “ is retreated is for better faster land into! ” Zhou Zhijiang thinks: Bull is dispersive and hand-in-hand, devoted, do not suit to resemble long establish such still insufficient and powerful enterprises. Exit fire prevention cable, be helpful for all manpower in Jiuliji, financial capacity, material resources, do big, do the strong, stainless steel that do essence of life to be in charge of an industry. And the technology of enterprise of world-class of have the aid of, capital and advanced management, ke Yuesheng of industry of fire prevention cable a step.
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