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Hongge presses down hidden trouble of fire insurance of will ironhanded punish
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Yesterday before dawn, a fire of Hong Gezhen of show continent area divested 3 human life, yesterday afternoon, cadre of market town of call together of government of Hong Gezhen town, village cadre, proprietor of an enterprise 200 more than person, will to fire spot attend a meeting, got on the one class that remember to the end of one's life to the person that attend the meeting. After returning town government assembly room, hong Gezhen pressed down a government to make deploy to the repair work after fire. Yesterday afternoon, the accident of fire investigates the job to had spread out.
Be aimed at calamity of this on fire, the attention of a lot of dwellers nods the window of stainless steel guard against theft that depends on whole sealing of Home Shen Mou, because it prevented fireman to enter inside undertake rescue, also let house my wife at the same time cannot extricate oneself. And the reporter discovers in interview, building of Shen Mou family property accumulated over a long time is piling up the finished product of many wool unlined upper garment and semi-manufactured goods, catch fire to become an a sea of fire, 2 Lou Sanlou is a bedroom, after discovering fire insurance, upstairs person issues building skip fire to seek to live on hard. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter discovers on Hong Gezhen the wool unlined upper garment of type of mill of a few families machines a dot, ground floor is machined, upstairs live person, as we have learned, hong Gezhen will nod ” of “ make sb the first aim of attack to the treatment of hidden trouble of these existence fire insurance.

Does window of guard against theft bring safety or danger?

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter sees the villa of Home Shen Mou has been burned so that remain an a bare outline only, the glass of the window basically already disintegrate, already also curved even windows of many aluminium alloy door be out of shape, but install the window of stainless steel guard against theft in the window in good condition still nondestructive.

Shen Mou's villa all doors and window contain establishment of guard against theft, those who use is the stainless steel canal that the diameter controls 1.5 centimeters, and all solder is dead, cannot leave close. Whole villa is built so that resemble impregnable fortress, defend close.

Say according to participating in the fireman of rescue, see somebody is returned inside the bedroom that is surrounded by fire when them awaiting rescue, and window of strong and firm guard against theft blocks fireman was in outside, they are really fraught in those days.

The reporter sees, besides Home Shen Mou that produces fire, there were many dwellers to adopt same defending all round means, installed on all windows of oneself cannot open the window of stainless steel guard against theft that close, and secure closely with screw in wall, day one long, screw has begun to rust, it is not certain also to use spanner can debus comes.
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