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Stainless steel of space navigation of stone of Fosan city billows makes a canal limited company is located in stone of Fosan city billows to press down, subordinate divides a factory 7 times, namely factory of steel tube of rust of profile of billows stone stainless steel, billows stone expands division plant, now focus:

•Product line of environmental protection pottery and porcelain is wanting high to build
•Industry of prospective oil natural gas moves posture to forecast
•Two big factors close to China imported iron ore acute to fall in May
•Hui Da lifts the hurricane that defend bath to cause course of study again inside widespread attention

Factory of tube of steel of billows stone rust, plant of products of billows heath square stainless steel, abundant stainless steel makes a canal east limited company, billows stone electric heat implement tubal mill. Always cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 80 thousand square metre.
My factory is tubing of professional production stainless steel and one of the biggest manufacturer that decorate a canal, rose to introduce the solder that has advanced level to be in charge of whole set of equipment from country and the area such as the United States, Japan, Italy, Taiwan 1986. Even if cut cent,include, argon arc solder and plasma solder, high frequency solder, heat treatment furnace, pickling product line and hydraulic experiment, nondestructive flaw detection, the equipment such as polisher group, body year after year produces 40 thousand tons productivity. This factory uses JIS of American ASTM Japan and level of GB12771-91 international country to organize production, norms includes metric and imperial two series, external diameter from ∮ 6~600mm wall thick from 0.4~12mm. The product applies extensively at product of the industry such as appliance of fitness of adornment of food of petro-chemical, printing and dyeing, papermaking, refine sugar, beverage and heat exchanger, decorate, medical treatment, furniture, kitchen utensils and appliances, this factory to all pass expert appraisal and quality system attestation, element with norms complete, breed much, quality is very celebrated, the product is illuminative cloth whole nation each are big in city, also sell abroad market, include and other places of the United States, Japan, Australia, middle east, southeast Asia. This factory carries on at the same time stainless steel project and treatment all sorts of stainless steel goods, have personnel of special project technology to ask to develop the product such as all sorts of special pipe by the client. My factory always holds to " credence the first, the client is consummate the tenet of " , offer excellent service enthusiasticly for you, welcome your presence true-bluely.
Adornment is in charge of major project:
1, armrest of road of capital International Airport and project of adornment of indoor stainless steel
2, stainless steel of airport of salty in relief airport, Shanghai rainbow bridge decorates a project
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