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Production of stainless steel pipe captures crucial technology difficult problem
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Limited company of stainless steel of space navigation of Fosan billows stone innovates together platform captures crucial technology difficult problem, solder is in charge of stainless steel of “ ultrathin wall the project of innovation of two science and technology such as ” a few days ago classics expert appraisal, achieve domestic banner level and advanced level respectively.
Tall, free from contamination, life grows intensity of stainless steel canal, wide application is provided at industry of bearing of mechanical, instrument, meal wait for an industry, also be the galvanization conduit that our country is carrying out in the round the first selection product in replacing a plan. And solder canal can reduce ultrathin wall stainless steel effectively the manufacturing cost of the enterprise, at present the market the demand to this one new product, with year all the rate of 30% rises, market potential is tremendous.

Because opposite produces equipment to have special requirement, all have higher demand to making tubal technology and craft and personnel quality skill wait, solder canal product produces ultrathin wall stainless steel difficulty is quite great. Company of billows stone space navigation and center of research and development of technology of project of Fosan stainless steel capture together crucial technology difficult problem, they develop the manufacturing unit of the new-style structure that go out and its form a complete set to produce engineering technology, classics expert appraisal thinks “ machines method and craft to have innovation sex, belong to ” of domestic banner level.

Street productivity stimulative center finishs space navigation company and bay of buddhist city stone jointly another replace stainless steel solder of nicety of “ of entrance new product to be in charge of ” , also was engineering technology and product function to all be domestic advanced level via expert appraisal a few days ago.

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