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Survey of special subject of Chen Yi power uncovers industry of in relief stainl
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Yesterday (26 days) , old Yi Wei goes to vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor uncover east the city zone of county, banyan, east emphasize when a mountainous area survey, want to do industry of stainless steel of good our city to plan on higher administrative levels, build requirement of modern industry system according to compose, it is core in order to carry expensive product competition ability, lengthen industrial catenary, give aid to the enterprise is done do by force big, make the area brand that affects muscularity, to uncover open economy fast good progress make positive contribution. Yellow Geng Cheng of assistant of vice-chairman of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, mayor, wang Chenming of municipal government secretary-general attend survey activity.
Group of Chen Yi power visited goods of stainless steel of the treasure in Jie Yang early or late products of the limited company of products of Bao Jia stainless steel of industrial limited company, city, hardware that uncover this world trades center, city is celebrated exhibit stainless steel limited company, Jie Yang (international) metallic stuff market, thorough enterprise produces exhibition hall of workshop, product to wait, as kind as company controller and worker chat, sale status of production of detailed knowledge product and market firm are garrisoned circumstance. Subsequently, chen Yi power is chaired hold an informal discussion, listened to concerned county (area) , the circumstance introduction that city concerns branch and company controller continuously and opinion proposal.

Jie Yang is city of Chinese hardware base, history of development of estate of hardware stainless steel is long, industrial base is firm. Especially development of estate of our city stainless steel is swift and violent in recent years, the product is popular domestic and international, product dimensions escalate, industrial chain is progressively and outspread, enterprise innovation ability promotes stage by stage, brand effect is shown stage by stage, market construction is progressively and perfect, become Jie Yang to provide vigor and one of characteristic pillar industries that develop latent capacity most, stainless steel product has a quantity to amount to in countrywide market 1/3, the our city already became the throughout the country's biggest stainless steel goods to produce one of base.

Chen Yi power points out, basis of property of our city stainless steel is good

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