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Steely industry: Cost makes differentiation
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Change of ◆ restricted link brings about produce can add fast put delay:

Because investment of steely fixed assets is added fast glide and lag behind produce what can fall into disuse to accelerate, in the long run iron and steel is produced can add fast will progressively slow down, looking for a long time to the industry is advantageous. But produce to iron and steel of 8 years of whole according to us can investigation looks, produce at present can still the demand that actual iron and steel produces prep above. And the phenomenon that is worth attention is, produce in whole can still very abundant while, because invest the investment in puddling, steel-making and deep treatment lopsided, puddling is produced can be not worth the yield that bring about can structural sex tie. Divide in addition, look from near future market, influence crop is added fast drop another reason results from the smelt of tie and rather than that poor dissimilation raw material furnishs is produced can insufficient.

◆ home demand is steady in have fall, the risk increases:

Increase moderately as strength of macroscopical adjusting control, monetary policy also will move toward “ from “ moderately tight ” from close ” . The demand of the downstream and main trade that use steel such as building, mechanical 2008, car, container, home appliance predicts to keep balance or will put delay for the most part, bring about demand of integral iron and steel to add fast will glide somewhat. In the meantime, the risk element step up that be faced with.

◆ exit will glide considerably:

Develop action stage by stage as what export custom duty policy, add domestic steel price and international freight rise, the RMB is opposite of the dollar appreciate those who wait for an element to bring about domestic and international real value to differ is contractible. On the foundation that predicts 62.65 million tons to exit of our country rolled steel will be in 2008 7 years considerably fall after a rise. Predict our country will reduce exit of crude steel of about 20 million tons of rolled steel 2008.

◆ cost continues to increase, but cost occurrence become divided:

Iron and steel of 8 years of China is compared to the analysis of cost before more important. Raw material price rises considerably make Chinese iron and steel enters high cost times, we predict steely 2008 industry is average cost will continue to rise trend, steely industry rises in price because of raw material bring ton of steel cost that send to will rise on average 810 yuan / ton.

Different raw material purchases what the structure will bring about steely company cost to differ dissimilation considerably, the basis is calculated, use merchandise on hand to purchase the steely company of raw material entirely, its ton steel cost rises amount to 942 yuan / ton, and have entire agreement mine 2008 ton steel cost rises have 500 yuan only / ton.
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