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Install in street urgent call the police system
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First Xi'an city street is urgent call the police the system begins to try in investment of new and high area since 26 days move, if the citizen here is encountered pilfer and rob, want to press the pushbutton on next urgent warning decice around only, the suspect's trace can expose the monitoring in police under, dog location system captures directive policeman quickly.
Street warning decice is tall 3. Stainless steel of 36 meters square column form staff put oneself in another's position, call the police equipment
There is “ on mark lamp box urgent call the police the Chinese and English character of bit of ” and alarm badge design, coping contains alarm the lamp and LED limelight. Call the police the person does not need to call, should press only pushbutton, street is urgent call the police the system puts through with police station of recent area under administration immediately, call the police video voice data of the person will be transmitted to center of police station monitoring. In the meantime, to it the other supervisory equipment of linkage begins to resemble undertaking search and locating to suspect shadow.

According to introducing, alarm signal of this kind of warning decice passes police station continuously, without delay time, receive alarm fast. Once receive,call the police, be on duty the policeman can be watched with camera call the police the spot and scene of crime, master spot circumstance quickly, at the same time the basis calls the police recording kinescope, with monitoring camera big range ground is searched, dog suspect, how-to place alarm personnel spot processing, capture. Be in alarm inside the time that personnel did not drive the spot to, can undertake “ is waited for alarm cry flute ” and spot enlarge sound, protection calls the police support of the people of suspicion of person, awe is encouraged surround view masses to subdue victim of gangster, deliverance, stabilize spot condition.

As we have learned, street is urgent call the police after the system tries moving phase to end, the effect that achieves in actual unit process of cargo bandling according to the system, new and high substation and high new developed area are in charge of Xi'an city public security bureau appoint meeting general considers be added in whole area further call the police dot.

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