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Day makes steel Yi Wei newly press a requirement to make to stainless steel cana
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On June 4, change by Shanghai hair only appoint the price of assign supervises inspection team, had entered the key enterprise such as company of treasure steel group to supervise and urge examination. In the meantime, shanghai hair changes appoint had transferred group of the biggest steel of treasure of integrated iron and steel works mainly to the whole nation find a place for room raw material produces an enterprise to give out urgent announcement, the requirement coils hot-rolling board, the price of main raw material such as colour besmear armor plate, metal strip is cogent and stable the price level on May 11.
Transmit country hair changed association of Chinese iron and steel industry on June 4 appoint urgent announcement, ask rolled steel price carries out the price before May 11 stoutly, forbid to rise in price at will, offer disaster area place to need rolled steel to want to protect to assuming protect a quantity character, finish on time. Execute to disaster area user offer continuously sell continuously, prevent intermediate link to add phenomenon of valence buy in and sell at a profit. It is reported, so far, the whole nation already had price of rolled steel of part of 9 limitation that save city.
In fact, at present countrywide coal price still is had rise space, at the same time the demand of rolled steel market maintains vigorous state again. Especially Er of tower of steely tycoon rice just announces 3 quarters to rise in price 100 to 200 dollars / ton. To this, inside course of study think generally, group of the throughout the country's biggest steel of treasure of integrated iron and steel works is in the tone price of the 3rd quarter causes the likelihood chain-reacting to rolled steel market.
An in-house working personnel expressed Inc. of treasure mountain iron and steel on June 4, before the company has not release price of rolled steel of the 3rd quarter, the message on the net is wrong. Current, about circulating on the net common cold rolling will rise 300 yuan / ton the wording is not exact. Rather, the possibility that Bao Gang does not rise in price in the 3rd quarter is larger. Have expert analysis, consider to using steel downstream the industry bears rebuild after ability and calamity wait for an element, this Bao Gang is opposite the attitude moving valence of the 3rd quarter is unusually cautious.
Clerk of stock of this treasure steel still expresses, near future company still is not had announce arrangement of price of rolled steel of the 3rd quarter.
But many steely agency of domestic shows in succession however, received really come from Bao Gang to will raise common cold rolling 300 yuan / ton oral announcement. One claims treasure steel group acts as agent the business department of distribute company the staff member thinks even, if do not have the interpose of policy, the price of rolled steel of the 3rd quarter that believes Bao Gang will be higher.
Should be informed Bao Gang to be not had in the 3rd quarter rise in price when the plan, departments of afore-mentioned distribute company business the staff member breathes out greatly impossible. But this personnel says frankly the price is from the net fluctuation carries come, and the steel price that sells external at present also is the price on the net.
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