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"Gem suitable " stainless steel canal is not in name only to become rusty to hal
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Flower 2000 multivariate bought a batch of stainless steel canals to do a window, but crossed stainless steel of half an year only,the canal rusted actually. Yesterday, nanchang citizen Mr Li says to our newspaper report, guangdong Fosan city gem the “ of stainless steel canal that arranges stainless steel to make tubal mill make is in name only ” .

Say according to Mr Li, this year April, he was spent 2000 multivariate Qian Zaijiang saves big market of building materials packaging on the west 25 - 29 stainless steel canals that bought a batch to do a window to use, manufacturer home saves Fosan for Guangdong city gem suitable stainless steel makes tubal mill. Crossed half an year only to now unexpectedly, the stainless steel canal on the window becomes rusty actually mark is full of stains or spots. I bask in “ the dress when, if did not take care to come up against a window, can be stained with on the dress ferruginous. Mr ” Mr Li tells a reporter helplessly, the window is rusty not only the influence is beautiful, and the life that gives him added many troubles.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saves big market of building materials packaging with Mr Li 25 - 29. This inn thanks a boss to say to need to confirm to Mr Li home, say “ just arrived again at the same time a batch of new money, the hand inside inn is insufficient, do not walk along ” . Classics reporter is harmonious, thank a boss to agree to be headed for instantly examine. See the window of Mr Li has rusted really, and this batches of steel tube are Fosan really city gem arranges stainless steel to make production tubal a factory, thank a boss to express, can arrange a staff member to come to disassemble for Mr Li as soon as possible rusty steel tube, return cost of raw materials and installation cost Mr Li. To this, mr Li expresses satisfaction

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