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East the lake is industrial and commercial hunt down sham galvanizing steel tube
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Will sham building materials sends to Fuji of our city major project health industry garden builds building site, ” of intentional “ make a profit in troubled situation. Yesterday, industrial and commercial substation discloses the lake east: Sale of management ministry of rolled steel of fierce prosperous Ou Tianhua encroachs other the galvanizing steel tube of well-known logo, be punished eighty-one thousand six hundred yuan.

This year in Feburary, wuhan installs limited company of new and high technology to contract to do a job permissibly Fuji health industry garden
Project of A03 workshop fire control. In the project, this company and ministry of material of Hua Gang of day of fierce prosperous area sign a contract, friend of the DN150 that by “ day China ” offers 60 Tianjin friend to send company of steel tube group to manufacture “ sends steel tube of ” card galvanizing. However, “ day China ” not from normal channel replenish onr's stock, purchase 60 from company of estate of pipe of abundant of charr county Qi however nominal the galvanizing steel tube that “ Tianjin friend sends ” . On June 24, carry of steel tube of this batch of commodities from abnormal channel comes building site, by east industrial and commercial substation intercepts and capture the lake.

According to Tianjin friend personage of company of group of hair steel tube introduces, steel tube of this kind of galvanizing basically is used at fire control fountainhead and gush to drench the join between the head. Insufficient, ply crosses density of inferior steel tube thin, when put out a fire hydraulic increase, tube wall, interface is in easy craze, affect effect of put out a fire.

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