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Manufacturer sells stainless steel canal continuously
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Stainless steel of lake city Xin Yaohua is in charge of limited company to be located in lake city ancient town -- He Fu is pressed down, situation is advantageous, communication is easy. The lake state city of good name of ” of the government office that element has “ silk, an abundant place, north is close to too lake, south receive Hangzhou, Xi Qi weather eye, east adjacent Shanghai, with Suzhou, lie between without stannum too lake photograph looks, landscape Qing Dynasty is far, economy developeds.
The company relies on progress of science and technology, ceaseless technical reformation, already had cold-drawing of hydraulic pressure of cogging of hot-rolling perforation, cold rolling, high accuracy and Jiao Zhi the seamless steel tube of cold-drawing of main stainless steel such as finishing production line. Have 150 tons now, 80 tons, 50 tons, 20 tons, 10 tons, 5 tons, 1.5 tons wait cold-drawing pulls tubal unit in all many 10, aircrew of cold rolling of LG60-2H crewel Cheng reachs aircrew of series finish rolling, producible ø6 - ø530mm, wall is large 1 - 25mm group is apart from inside each norms finished product. Can offer all sorts of austenite stainless steel every year to be in charge of 5000 tons.
The company's top-ranking quality detects establishment was in charge of a product to offer quality to assure to produce the high grade stainless steel of user satisfaction. Flaw detector of E204 intelligence vortex flow, BEST-9 ultrasonic flaw detector, germany this the table that send a gram reads spectrometer to wait for those who have level of world sophisticated technology to detect continuously equipment. The company is strict according to national GB/T14975-2002, standard of DIN of JIS of standard of GB/T14976-2002, GB13296-91, GB12770-91, GB12771-91 and American ASTM, Japan, Germany will undertake manufacturing checking and accept, raised product quality greatly.
The company strengthens enterprise interior to manage ceaselessly on the foundation that system changes, the attestation of ISO9002-1994 quality system that passed center of attestation of system of quality of Chinese metallurgical industry to undertake in December 1997, 2004 company general ISO9002: 1994 quality system upgrades for ISO9001: 2000 quality system, already began the unified operative norm of quality activity as the company now, constituent production is managed. Executive ISO9001 carries out on quality management: 2000 standards, guarantee system of perfect, perfect quality, assure to offer high grade and reliable, safe product kimono Wu for the client. Tight quality guarantee system, sound quality manages a system. The product of industry of “ whole nation that got exit to avoid check certificate and bureau of national metallurgical industry to issue early or late 1998 produces number of licence ” certificate: XK05-112054.
Honest, be as good as one's word, develop, enterprising. Innovation develops, add writes your beautiful writing. Summary goes, look into future, the company will continue to devote oneself to to model the oneself figure with good business, the first responsibility that is an enterprise mixes staunch clientele belief, it is with the market oriented, it is a center with consumer, make high grade product with contemporary management means and brand-new sale concept, sign up for the reliance of broad agency and consumer to Xin Yaohua constant, support and deep love back and forth. Let us keep abreast of hand in hand, conspire to develop! Stainless steel is in charge of information
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