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Chinese stainless steel was in charge of market general situation on August 1
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Chinese stainless steel is in charge of the market run mode situation is basic and smooth on August 1, whole of value of product of 200 departments, 300 departments, 400 departments is smooth, maintain the price basically to was not moved.

Open quotation signed up for period nickel of LME of London metal bourse on August 1 18, 775 dollars / ton, closing quotation signs up for 18, 350 dollars / ton, inventory reduces 96 tons, total reserve is 44, 526 tons. Shanghai field electroanalysises 1 number price small range adjusted nickel on August 1, in 147, 000 to 149, 000 yuan / ton, all valence 148, 000 yuan / ton, drop 1, 000 yuan / ton. Nickel price trades afore after day is small rebound, reemerge glide, china abandons stainless steel market to still maintain smooth certain moving state, clinch a deal general. Market of Chinese useless stainless steel 304 (Ni " 7.8% ) average price is in roughly 19, 200 yuan / ton, 201 average prices are in roughly 8, 600 yuan / ton, 430 average prices are in roughly 7, 000 yuan / ton. Whole of market of Chinese stainless steel moves smoother, market quoted price did not appear to be adjusted apparently, day of level trades to was not moved before whole maintains. Market of stainless steel profile quotes continuously smooth, because clinch a deal lower fan, the city after partial trafficker is right not quite value. Stainless steel is in charge of material price to did not appear to fluctuate apparently, because early days price is adjusted, make northward stainless steel is in charge of the market low fan move, add an Olympic Games to be restricted to go batch goods pass in and out is exceeding and difficult, future of tubal lumber market walks along northward stainless steel sign is not hopeful. Too the steelworks such as steel, Bao Gang was announced August factory price, 300 departments cold rolling coils reduce 1, 500 yuan / ton, in thick board and hot-rolling coils reduce 1, 000 yuan / ton, to this, trafficker reaction is insipid. Market demand lasts not flourishing, merchandise on hand enters the market in succession, again this is low below confused prices, trafficker adopts wait-and-see attitude more. Produce business side, last in view of demand of stainless steel market not flourishing, the price of partial norms also begins small fall after a rise, preparation of wine steel second half of the year controls only month output in 20 thousand tons of less than. Before two months, wine steel has begun to cut down crop strictly, only month output is in even 10 thousand tons of less than. Below the circumstance that does not have get warm again after a cold spell in prices, predicting wine steel issues year of crop to cut down a plan to won't be changed. Stainless steel market is already small confused for a long time, the get warm again after a cold spell that the market expects did not come from beginning to end, prices persists low fan, demand not flourishing, market competition is increasingly intense, steelworks of a few civilian battalion begins to consider transition, plan of business of iron and steel of stainless steel of partial civilian battalion transfers production general steel to perhaps manage special alloy rolled steel to come up mainly. Resource respect, area of Hua Na, Hua Dong supply of goods of 304 hot-rolling metal strip is in short supply, suffer 300 products long-term low confuse an influence, bring about the market resource of merchandise on hand of 304 hot-rolling metal strip is less. This phenomenon will produce manufacturer to adjust the market to put in quantity hind in metal strip, alleviate somewhat. The market that do not have stannum already had 2, 000 tons or so too steel resource is arrived at, it is the consultative quantity of consultative door, basically center in the norms such as 0.5 millimeter, 1 millimeter, 1.2 millimeter, 1.5 millimeter, 2.5 millimeter, 3 millimeter. Cut market puts business of early days production on the quantity, product of norms of market share mainstream appears in short supply, it is OK to arrive Cong Mou is planted alleviate on degree this kind of situation, and this new natural resources is entered will carry out according to new value standard, produce certain concussion possibly to the market. Fosan also has about 2, resource of steel of 000 tons of treasure arrives, coil with 300 departments board give priority to, remaining a batch is the Bai Pi of 430 roll, about 700 control to 800 tons. Afore-mentioned resource belong to the market normal supply, theoretic won't cause too big impact to the market.
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