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The Dou Liangxing of Chinese stainless steel
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2008 on April 27, the · of “ China pride that holds in auditorium of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Beijing whole nation on prize-giving grand ceremony of character of news of times of the 6th China and innovation forum ” , space navigation stainless steel makes a canal Yang Yuanheng of limited company general manager is judged to be ” of character of innovation of “ China times, space navigation stainless steel makes a canal limited company is judged to be ” of unit of innovation of “ China times.
In March 2008, ancient city Fosan, sunshine brights, 100 flowers bloom. Many 200 expert of the company of domestic and international famous metal that comes from different country, different area, different language gathers here, in spirits ground attends the exposition of metal of international of the 2nd Fosan that holding.
Expert delegate of Japan came; Expert delegate of Germany came; Expert delegate of the United States came; Expert delegate of France came; The steel of elder brother treasure of domestic metal industry, saddle steel, wide steel, too the experts that wait also came to steel, Shao Gang …… these experts many, in all the great plan a major programme of lasting importance that business metal develops. This meeting ” already brought into “ Jin Bo the major conference 2008 exhibits Guangdong province government activity, also be the metallic industry with area highest norms exhibits Huanade meeting.
“ cause slash Yu Jin, get the Fosan of a Yu Tang ” , be in early bright generation labels 4 names of Chinese “ to press down one of ” . In Song Dai, the metallic smelt that its develop, cast, had made a name global.
Be worth Fosan person proud is:  of mew of  of cook the Huaihe River carries dumpling of Hu of    hall of ど of commonplace of Shou of fish hawk of admire of  of  of  of discharge of  of rank Chi of Hu of  of grave of heart of O of toad of Xun of actinium of ⒀ of joyous play of good deceive of  of school of  of Mu of  of right the Huaihe River of  of the Huaihe River holds bifurcation of travel model   , especially market of billows stone stainless steel, its trade the 1/3 above that the quantity already occupied the whole nation.
On this conference, branch of current association stainless steel awards Chinese metal stuff trade of treatment of stainless steel of China of Fosan city “ the title of ” . Immediately the applause inside the assembly room is like thunderous since the noise, the Fosan of settle of brand of city class area with only industry of stainless steel of people congratulation home, people cheers the mark is worn Fosan becomes China's biggest stainless steel to machine manufacturing base and matter of stainless steel trade to shed base.
Those who sit on conference expert banquet, be called what “ stainless steel machines trade by people the stainless steel of boat of Shi Yu of Fosan city billows of ” light heavenly body makes a canal Yang Yuanheng of limited company general manager, this is here the navigate person that take root does poineering work 20 years, more spirit enlivens, deep feeling myriad, he thought of ” of “ space navigation yesterday, mix today tomorrow ……
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