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Rolled steel export increases 3 to export soft costal region to be worth to pay
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According to Guangzhou custom statistic, exit of Guangdong rolled steel continues to grow considerably first half of the year, exit is measured 15. .8 10 thousand tons, value 1.32 billion dollar, compare respectively the corresponding period grew last year 83.8% with 1.6 times, average price level grows 21.7 % .

Since this year, the country publishs adjusting control policy 4 times, strive controls rolled steel to export rapid growth. But the posture that exit of Guangdong rolled steel still presents the Qi Sheng that measure valence first half of the year, main reason is: Demand of international rolled steel is exuberant, steel price continues to maintain higher level, domestic and international price difference is bigger, make reach the mouth still has higher profit; Growth of early days investment is rapidder, cause sex of our country steely structure to produce can superfluous, add steely crop newly to want to rely on exit to digest mostly; Rate of drawback of rolled steel exit is reduced again cause steely enterprise before July in succession assault exit; The enterprise is adopted generally in negotiation export contract rise in price measure, drawback rate is adjusted and add the influence that asks for export custom duty to bring in order to digest.

The personage inside course of study thinks, while steely industry is exporting rapid growth, a few big soft costal region are worth to pay close attention to.

Steel tube material becomes ” of “ target of public criticism. Material of Guangdong steel tube exports 285 thousand tons first half of the year, grow 70% . Especially the enterprise was grabbed June build ” of “ last bus, steel tube material exports 65 thousand tons, history of exit of the month that achieve sheet is new tall. Exit of steel tube material is cruel the vigilance that added phenomenon caused foreign relevant enterprise, camp of near future foreign trade points to material of Chinese steel tube in succession. On May 18, argentine economy produces what the ministry is over to come from our country in couples to have seam Aosidu iron stainless steel is in charge of a product turn over a dumping to investigate, cut into parts eventually collect of 63.02% turn over dumping duty from valence, period of efficacy is 5 years; On May 24, australia turns over a dumping to be cut into parts eventually to originating in solder canal of China to make formerly, decide the one limited company that make steel collects pair of Tianjin city make friends of 2.5% turn over dumping duty, the price that accepts 4 companies such as limited company of steel tube of Heibei Hengshui capital is affirmatory; On June 7, enterprise of steel tube of 5 welding line of American and American steely worker are referred to American Department of Commerce federally instead dumping and turn over allowance to investigate application, department of Commerce of requirement United States turns over dumping duty to originating in welding line steel tube of China to collect those who be as high as 88% formerly, add proof turn over allowance duty; On June 28, what American Department of Commerce decides pair of China finally is cricoid solder carbon steel canal is initiated the dumping turns over filling joint and investigate instead.
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