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Iron and steel of Beijing Yuan Changheng peaceful offers high grade steel tube f
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Steel tube is a kind of hollow strip steel products, a large number of using <> as the conduit that carries a fluid, if oil, day lights gas, water, gas, steam to wait, additional, in do a turn, fight when twisting intensity photograph to be the same as, weight is lighter, use extensively also at making mechanical spare parts and engineering construction so. Often also use as produce all sorts of groovy weapons, barrel, artillery shell to wait.
Steel tube can be divided for, seamless steel tube and solder steel tube (have seam a canal) two kinds big. By section appearance can divide the canal that it is a circle and special pipe again, the most extensive is circular steel tube, the abnormity steel tube such as quadrate, rectangular, hemicycle, hexagonal, equilateral triangle, octagon also applies in certain industry.
Steel tube should undertake hydraulic pressure experiment will examine its compression ability and quality detect its bear the ability of fluid pressure, do not produce leak below formulary pressure, soak or expand for eligible product, some steel tube even basis standard or need to just ask to undertake check of oral of edge experiment, enlarge, squash experiments coiling etc.
At ordinary times the utility that we do not notice steel tube, but live in us all round, a lot of places cannot leave steel tube, limited company of iron and steel of Beijing Yuan Changheng peaceful is engaged in all sorts of rolled steel distribute as a major, have production to machine the steel tube of large requirements large wall of a variety of model, still acting as agent at the same time domestic and international product of iron and steel of each old steel mill, carry on what project project bids is much can industrial company. The company holds to “ to be with the person all the time this, with De Xingye, achieve ” of hundred years brand to be development target, in steely sale the domain is entered went out good famous degree, the technical chief that the reporter interviewed a company technically king manager, the type that he introduced steel tube simply and use direction.
With steel tube use type looks, can divide mix for seamless steel tube solder steel tube.
Seamless steel tube is to use perforation of steel ingot or classics of sincere canal base to make wool canal, make via hot-rolling, cold rolling or Leng Bo next.
Hot-rolling seamless steel tube divides kind of steel tube, steel tube of boiler of low, middling pressure, high-pressured boiler steel tube, alloy steel tube, stainless steel canal, oil cracking canal, geological steel tube and other steel tube.
High-pressured boiler steel tube: The steel of used structure of element of high grade carbon such as the steam boiler conduit that basically uses production high pressure and its above pressure, alloy structure steel and do not become rusty these refractory steel seamless steel tube, boiler canals often are in the job below high temperature and high pressure, pipe to be mixed in high temperature flue gas.
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