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Special steel and Oriental boiler begin Bao Gang the strategy cooperates
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Not long ago, special steel branch and Oriental boiler joint-stock company signed Bao Gang " homebred super- exceed stainless steel of critical utility boiler to be in charge of combination to develop strategic cooperation agreement " . This is special steel branch around the country great energy resources equips project, with energy equipment key production enterprise begins the significant move that the strategy cooperates.
At present power energy resources forms our country in, coal fired electricenergy production occupies 74% above. Average coal consumption makes an appointment with the igneous cable unit of our country 381 grams / kilowatt hour, electric coal dosage made an appointment with 930 million tons 2005. If can be reduced 70 to 80 grams / kilowatt hour, criterion annual can save electric coal 1.57 reach 180 million tons, the discharge capacity of nitrogen of sulfur of carbon dioxide, 2 oxidation, oxidation will decrease greatly. Here, the cleanness of coal is efficient using is crucial, development tall parameter, high capacity exceeds exceeding group of critical fire electric machinery is one of the most efficient ways that raise resource utilization rate, also be environmental protection and the need that can develop continuously. To this, the country gives height takes seriously, at present the program exceeds in the 1 million kilowatt that build and plans to build exceed group of critical fire electric machinery to have 34.

And the development that exceeding the foundation that exceeds critical aircrew Lai Yifa to exhibit is high temperature refractory steel, because group of igneous electric machinery is below the condition such as high temperature, high pressure, only ability of high quality rolled steel satisfies a requirement. Current, make exceed the special and super stainless steel that critical aircrew superheater, reheater place uses critical He Chaochao to be in charge of, the whole world has Japan and Germany to be able to be produced only. From entrance of these two countries, tall, cycle grows the price, restricted the development that our country the sources of energy equips already badly.

To this, the Dou Jixi such as boiler of east of production enterprise of key of equipment of our country power station, Shanghai boiler and Harbin boiler hopes the domestic mainstay business such as Yu Baogang is accelerated those who realize super stainless steel to wait for crucial material is homebred change. On the foundation that special steel branch lays in in early days technology, increased investment since last year, strengthen in the round communicate in the technology of this one domain with key boiler enterprise and product experiment, formed good interactive collaboration relationship.

The higher administrative levels that uses steel in energy field to consolidate and promote Bao Gang and boiler enterprise cooperates, realize powerful powerful combination further, participate in a country effectively major equipment makes a project, special steel branch took the lead in building relation of long-term strategy collaboration with Oriental boiler. According to cooperative agreement agreement, both sides will build combination to develop a group, implementation exceeds the batch that exceeds critical aircrew to be in charge of with high-pressured boiler production and for goods, replace an entrance; Form boiler of stainless steel high pressure to be in charge of a technology research and development and specialization supply catenary and service safeguard system; Develop and have be in charge of to the boiler of stainless steel high pressure that makes a canal from steel-making own intellectual property mixes the product to have a technology only; Be in at the same time information communication, new technology and new product research and development, business affairs cooperates with wait for a respect to build more close together collaboration mechanism. Current, the product of super stainless steel that special steel branch produces already entered objective attestation phase, have batch basically to offer the ability of goods and condition. In the meantime, special steel branch still casts cooperative look to the enterprise such as Shanghai boiler and Harbin boiler, advance technical communication and collaboration further
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