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Export drawback policy major key to full second half of the year exports the for
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19 days, once the policy that adjusts partial commodity to export drawback is announced, lifted a billows inside course of study instantly.

Adjust photograph comparing with all previous before this, the strength that policy of this second exit drawback adjusts and limits are all-time, 2831 commodity that are included to adjust “ name odd ” occupy custom tax regulations about in 37% of all goods number.

A controller of foreign trade company tells a reporter, although the about exporting drawback adjustment before this inside course of study have a message early, but of formal document come on stage to still make astonish inside course of study, extent and range were exceeded greatly anticipate.

Alleviate short-term effect does not see favourable balance very big

But, the expert thinks, sheet adjusts the favorable balance of trade that solves China very hard to grow increasingly thoroughly by what export drawback. Plum new Yo tells academy of Department of Commerce the reporter, in the long run, adjust exit drawback to be able to alleviate favorable balance of trade, but short-term in, action is not very big, favorable balance of trade returns possible aggravate inside period of time even.

To the viewpoint of the plum, yang Zhiyong of researcher of place of finance and trade of courtyard of Chinese company division also expresses approve of. He thinks, the near future adjusts exit drawback often to may bring adverse effect to partial enterprise, change the situation of favourable balance of current foreign trade very hard through adjusting the means of tax rate, and adjust what the enterprise gives when tax rate to suit period compare again short, may make the enterprise is answered hard.

Researcher of Oriental negotiable securities also thinks, in the product that retreats tax rate to adjust place to involve in this exit, major product is the product that our country has apparent competition advantage, its main competitor is domestic company and competition is intense, after drawback rate is reduced, if the enterprise did not anticipate to policy beforehand, so short-term meeting causes certain influence to the exit of the enterprise. But, the exit of relevant product after passing brief adjustment still is met grow with due before speed.

Be helpful for structural adjustment

In accepting a reporter to interview, most expert thinks, this policy is adjusted will produce major effect to the exit of our country. An expert of company division courtyard tells a reporter, the adjustment of policy is in short-term inside will be opposite profit is original with respect to low low end industry and the medium and small businesses that depend on exit bring bigger impact.

The country believes the research report of negotiable securities to think, “ two tall one endowment ” product exports those who retreat tax rate to reduce what will quicken these industries to shuffle with conformity. Their viewpoint is, long-term in light of, it is good that advantage company will obtain essential sex benefit from inside industrial structural adjustment; Short-term in light of, export drawback rate cancel and reduce will reduce the “ such as chemical industry of cement, petrifaction, steely, nonferrous metal two tall one endowment the supply that the product of ” industry is exported and increases home, produce certain and negative effect to product value and industry profit margin. But the reason that because our country enterprise has clear cost advantage and value of domestic and international product,differs, the influence degree that this second exit drawback reduces pair of domestic product values will be smaller.
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