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Reduce import tariffs on Russian steel pipe
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According to Russian Interfax reported that Russia's foreign trade protection measures Sub-Committee on 26 October adopted a decision to stainless steel import tariffs from 28.1% to 9.9%, not less than $ 1,500 per tonne while the special import Tariffs. Russia in November 2009 the results of anti-dumping investigation based on the types of steel began to impose protective import tariffs, including 19 different diameter oil and gas pipelines. Russia had previously imposed on the types of steel imports, ranging from 5-20% Tariffs. Implementation of special stainless steel tariffs do not include the enjoyment of people from Belarus and other preferential treatment of developing countries (excluding Brazil and China) corrosion resistant steel imports. Stainless steel tube mainly from Russia Ukraine, Brazil, China and the European Union (including Italy).
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