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The stainless steel of high quality scales is in charge of
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Use fixed number of year is as long as the building of 15 years of above, in be being decorated 2 times, of the circuitry such as water and electricity transforming is a particularly main project, especially a few old old building, if do not change water and electricity, cannot have used incidental even be on fire normally, run the danger such as water. In transformed process, have the problem that a few need notices, at this point, we sought advice from the expert that water and electricity transforms, summary gives dot of the following attentions:

1, choose new-style conduit material, have commonly: The material of new-style and plastic pipe such as PP-R, PE, relatively of high quality scales have stainless steel canal and copper pipe. But the attention does not choose aluminous model to be in charge of, because the connect of aluminous model canal is connect blocking type, the gasket inside contact can shift to an earlier date than be in charge of material ageing.

2, general metropolis is dark in decorating bury conduit, but had better not its dark bury below the ground.

3, when connecting water as a result of conduit, because the air inside the canal produces those who swift current the phenomenon causes conduit to shake,meet, should add tubal checkpost secure more when conduit is installed accordingly, in order to make sure pipeline is long-term and firm.

The expert expresses: Primary residence circuit uses if be aluminum steel, must change the copper cash that it is model, because the melting point of aluminum steel is low, resistance is great, put in safe hidden trouble, country already public proclamation falls into disuse. In addition, layout wants science, manage in data of building materials market not quite normative, do not pursue cheap when the material of water and electricity such as electrical wiring of choose and buy, switch, lamps and lanterns, service pipe, want to buy the product of normal manufacturer, the manufacturing licence that should check a product seriously at the same time, business charter, detect the data such as attestation of report, 3C is complete, and should open formal bill. In process of construction of water and electricity, basically notice the following:

1, when opening groove to punch a hole, do not want to warm pipeline of former electrical wiring or water pipeline is destroyed. Electric canal wants the canal that wear a line when road laid, do not bury electrical wiring in the ground or wall directly, such not only insecure, and once damage,cannot be maintained. Water warm pipeline must undertake hitting pressing an experiment after the shop is good, the redo after qualification issues a working procedure, prevent conduit slack cause attaint.

2, the need such as kitchen and toilet does waterproof place, finish waterproof hind must do the experiment that shut water, after qualification again patch block.

3, electrical wiring connect must rinse stannum, the connect of kitchen and toilet suggests to do waterproof processing, contact can use high pressure to undertake wrapping up from adhesive tape and black tape.
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