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Measure rule after all farming house tears open auspicious Fu Qiao undertake bel
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Farming house tears open change often is " long-standing " . But the reporter is in recently the understanding when auspicious Fuzhen interviews arch villa area arrives, in 15 when this town starts first half of the year projects that tear open change, 11 projects had finished the task that tear open change, tear open change farming to reside in all 465, average every weekday finishs nearly 4 tear open change. As a result of " measure rule after all " , did not produce the undesirable incident that causes because of tearing open change together.

Auspicious Fu Zhen is located in city northwest, it is in recent years Hangzhou city is changed advance one of the fastest area. Since this year, plot goes to the bridge of the bank from the canal on the west conform city on the west explain spend area piece, from southern beyond repair of Hangzhou pond road arrives plot of hall of manager of division of upper industry function is undertaking change works tearing open, it may be said of the project that tear open change " blossom everywhere " . Among them, apartment of talent of public transportation firm of road of more than Hangzhou pond, city, undergraduate 2 period wait for project or whole town major project. Close, task weighs the time that tear open change, great majority belongs to the farming room room that live scattered, and if be not carried out,farming house tears open change reach the designated position to stay extremely easily " tail " .

Auspicious Fu Zhen is being torn open from beginning to end put just fairness in the first place in change. Ask for each opinion extensively before formulate of the plan that tear open change, mature the interest that tears open change door, will tear open change policy, find a place for regulation of plan, compensation reachs measure area to wait tear open change whole process to make public, accept masses to supervise. In the process that tear open change, always encounter assault to decorate, entirely is not measured, do not judge, not compensate, from go up at all skid this evil wind. This town has tear open change door, pulled stainless steel to be in charge of preparative assault to decorate. Hope originally can much " scoop up " some advantage, detachable change the staff member handles affairs strictly according to policy, affirmed only when house measure should compensatory area and decorate degree, tell clear sense, hold to a principle, final this farmer or oneself pulled steel tube again entirely.

Interview in auspicious Fuzhen in, the feeling that the reporter hears the cadre that most is here to taking pair of common people is done tear open change. One batch is striven for to find a place for when road of more than Hangzhou pond celebrates grand village plot to tear open change room source, general Party branch of the community that celebrate grand was made before tearing open change " preferential choose a room " policy -- the farmer that tears open change to hand in a room first is OK according to sealing door serial number first choice answers change housing one set. But, still a lot of tear open change door indecisive, be in wait-and-see condition. To form working breach as soon as possible, family of 9 community cadre takes the lead in be in a week all " double autograph " , by the regulation they can hand in a room first originally, choose a room first, but leave other masses for the opportunity the room source with best choice, community cadre removes in succession in other farmer the ability after handing in a room begins to hand in a room. The style of the oneself after this kind of forefathers obtained masses praise, do not arrive 40 days 104 farmer remove entirely end, a lot of farmer even Mao Yu of the same night removes hand in the key.
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