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Canal of stock of candy of armour of the candy that boil changes to be in charge
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Lead to raise boiling-off to call in, stabilize product quality, sugarhouse undertook ability changes is as follows last year: It is to increase rotary vacuum filter of a 45 square, handle ability with raising mud juice of the workshop that make refine, increase filter area, reduce bad news of power consumption content, stabilize product quality; 2 it is to increase vavuum pump of type of annulus of a water, spend in order to raise vacuum of system of sugar of boiling-off second, third, reduce temperature of kid of the candy inside the crock, raise boiling-off to call in rate; 3 it is to boil canal of stock of candy armour candy to change to be in charge of into stainless steel, in order to reduce Bai Sha candy is ferruginous, raise white saccharic character.

In addition, sugar-refinery is returned make electric machinery of high-power of pump of refine, boiler, water supply add outfit without merit compensation; Circuitry of each workshop illume undertook rectifying and reform, floodlight changes for energy-saving lamp.

After 2007/2008 extracts season to end, another project -- use good oxygen liquid waste of processing of degradation of biological film method is being built. After the project is carried out, year can reduce liquid waste discharge capacity 2.88 million M3, cut down discharge capacity of main contaminant COD 330 tons, suspension content discharge capacity 83.52 tons, liquid waste of the platoon outside coming true amounts to mark.

2006/2007 extracts season, gan Hua joint-stock company extracts sugar cane in all 387 thousand tons, produce Bai Sha candy forty-eight thousand seven hundred tons, sugar yield is 12.58% . In the production that extract season, because excellent overhaul ability changes quality and rigorous manufacturing management, manufacturing facilities safety factor is maintained in taller state, debug the elaborate operation of technology index and employee meticulously through technical personnel, captured product quality difficulty, product quality stability rises, one class tastes Bai Sha candy rate achieved 96.06% , creation history is best level. Sweet " hill orchid " open more bright-coloured more!

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