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Southern Pump: Stainless steel stamping pumps leading enterprises
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Hangzhou Nanfang Special Pump Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the South Pump), founded in 1991, the Department of the earliest research and development and large-scale production of stainless steel centrifugal pump stamping and welding company, is currently the centrifugal field of stamping and welding of stainless steel production and sales of the largest professional production manufacturers. Annual output of stainless steel centrifugal pump more than 20 million units, a series of product range, sales volume and product quality are ranked first in the domestic industry. Company has established a sound marketing service network, continue to meet the needs of the domestic market while actively exported to overseas markets, products widely used in water treatment, building water supply, industrial cleaning, air conditioning, water circulation, deep water pumping, low-pressure boiler feed water, pharmaceuticals and food and other fields. National industrial policy to benefit a broad market prospects in the pump as an important equipment manufacturing equipment, but also benefit from the country to encourage the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry And support policies. June 2006 the State Council promulgated the "speed up the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry on the number of opinions", the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration of Taxation and the provinces also issued a series of tax incentives, state special funds to support and encourage the use of domestic equipment supporting policies, focusing on supporting the development of equipment manufacturing industry, sixteen priority areas, which are associated with the pump industry 7: clean and efficient power generation equipment, ethylene project, for domestic large-scale coal-chemical equipment, large hot and cold rolling sheet sets equipment, large hot and cold rolling sheet for coating equipment and processing equipment, large-scale integrated coal underground mining, lifting and washing equipment, large offshore oil engineering equipment, 30 tons of ore and crude oil tankers, floating production storage and offloading. This seven key areas of the high-volume manufacturing equipment used pumps, to pump a huge potential market companies. February 4, 2009, the State Council, "Planning the equipment manufacturing industry", May 12, 2009, the State Council issued the "equipment manufacturing restructuring and revitalization plan the implementation details," and proposed the principle of planning to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry: adhere to the development of infrastructure facilities and improve the level of whole combination. Major technologies and equipment to achieve autonomy, promote the development of infrastructure and supporting products. Improve the basic pieces of technology, development of special materials, to reverse the basic set of products are mainly dependent on imports. Guide the professional parts manufacturer to "specialized, sophisticated, special" direction to form a complementary and coordinated development of the industry pattern. Clear strategic objectives and strict cost management to lay a solid foundation for enterprise development based on the South Pump centrifugal pump stainless steel stamping and welding industries and make full use of the company's competitive advantage has accumulated, 加大 Touru technology and equipment to improve production efficiency and product quality , the expansion of existing production capacity to meet more applications demand alternative to traditional casting pump, operating income and net profit continue to maintain sustained and rapid growth; Second, the company will actively innovation, research and development of large-scale production of high-end, efficient, high value-added energy saving, high reliability, high-tech pumps and equipment to further enhance the company in the industry's core competitiveness; the third, the company will actively focus on domestic pump industry consolidation opportunities, full use of capital function of the market, through acquisition, merger, integration of traditional pump manufacturing company, the company into a leading domestic pump. Southern Pump also developed a system of strict cost management, product development, trial production, raw material procurement, production, sales and other aspects of cost accounting and control mechanisms are introduced, the operating results for the company to lay a good foundation. R & D capability to build the core competitive advantage attaches great importance to the South Pump enhance the ability of independent research and innovation in technology, increasing investment in R & D links. Currently, the company's technology and research and development capabilities leading position in the domestic counterparts, as to maintain sustained and rapid development of the company's core competitiveness. 2007 -2009, the South Pump R & D investment in both the operating income of more than 3% to reach 1,348.46 million, respectively, 1,221.57 million, 1,380.44 million. Meanwhile, the company actively seek government support for science and technology sector to undertake a number of national and provincial science and technology support for special projects and national science and technology projects. Southern Pump After years of development, already has a relatively stable, experienced professional team. Is the earliest in the stamping and welding of stainless steel centrifugal pump large-scale production of the manufacturers. R & D team since 1991 has been engaged in the stamping and welding of stainless steel centrifugal pump research and development, has accumulated a wealth of practical experience, the core R & D personnel stability, and formed a stronger team. Southern Pump technical staff after years of exploration and trial and error, gradually acquired a stamping and welding pieces of thin wall stainless steel hydraulic design, structural design, method of forming process, welding processes, metal processing methods have been developed by CDL series, CHL Series, CHLF series, SJ series, ZS series, MS series, CDLK series and other products, and on this basis to form a complete set of stainless steel with independent intellectual property rights of stamping and welding centrifugal pump design, manufacturing methods, were obtained 47 patents (including patents 3), the issuer of the patent system are obtained independently developed. During the reporting period, the issuer has invested in research and development costs amounted to 4,948.22 million, is currently directly engaged in research and development of the technical staff of 81. In addition, the Issuer positive and Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Design, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou Information Co., Ltd., Tai-day scientific research institutes to carry out technical cooperation. Currently, the South has made all kinds of pump and pump the 47 patents, including patents 3. The company developed a total of 13 categories of products, product performance in a leading position, close to international standards. R & D Technology Center has strong research and development and design capability and test capability, was identified in 2005 as the provincial SME Technology Center, was identified in 2007 as a provincial enterprise technology center. In 2004 the company was identified as high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, innovation and outstanding enterprises. Pump undertaken in 2006 in Zhejiang Province south of the first major science and technology key project of "high-pressure pump seawater desalination research and development" (and Nissan desalination equipment and supporting facilities of 500 tons) and successfully completed in 2009, and in 2009 commitment to national science and technology began to support projects "in 10-ton day desalination membrane localization of key technology development and demonstration" in the "high-pressure pump desalination development" issues. Establish a perfect marketing service system, to ensure product marketing advantages Southern Pump in the country established an extensive sales and service network in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jinan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Xi'an, Shenyang, Guangzhou and other places has more than 30 sales and service centers. Pump industry company in the country took the lead management of the product barcode, and an earlier open 400 free customer service calls. Southern Pump after-sales service has also developed a strict system and rules to improve the quality of our services. Company actively expand foreign markets, the company is one of the few domestic pump industry sales in foreign countries with independent Intellectual property rights, their own brand products, one of the pump, 2007, 2008, 2009, the total annual export sales were 19.84%, 25.52% and 15.70%. Companies in India, Malaysia, Singapore And the Madrid Agreement States registered trademarks, own-brand sales accounted for more than 90% of revenue. In a series of perfect marketing service system, under the protection of the South Pump main business income growth. Our main business sales from 480 million in 2000 to grow to 386 million yuan in 2009, the annual compound growth rate of 55%. 2007-2009, the company's sales of stainless steel, stamping and welding centrifugal pump increased from 18.3 million units, 226,000 units, and 92% higher than the value of all the stamping and welding of stainless steel multi stage centrifugal pumps. Visit the capital market, to build strong pump prices In 2010, Pump smooth landing south of the GEM, to enter the capital market. To this market as an opportunity to the South Pump A will be issued to the public shares to raise funds, and is mainly used for 20 million units of new stamping and welding of stainless steel centrifugal pump production line, annual output of 2,000 sets of non-negative frequency of water supply facilities construction R & D projects such as desalination of sea water high-pressure pump, the business development in the existing business plan is based on the development prospects of the industry and planning, corporate development strategy in accordance with the objectives and requirements set. Development planning, implementation, will allow the company main business get in the breadth and depth of all-round development, the company is more reasonable product structure, technological content of products and market competitiveness significantly improved, in order to fully enhance the company's overall strength, help to consolidate and further enhance the South's position in the industry pump. Southern Pump existing business press welding of stainless steel centrifugal pump is mainly R & D, manufacturing and sales. City building water supply facilities have already started the development of future large space. The company plans to develop large-scale, high pressure pumps and other areas of the high-end R & D technology, process and manufacturing technology, and has a strong existing business relationship. The company plans to use proceeds of the investment projects of 20 million units a year additional stamping and welding of stainless steel centrifugal pump technology projects, is to upgrade its existing production equipment and improve productivity, while improving the capacity of existing R & D and testing laboratory; raised one of capital investment desalination R & D project contains a number of high-pressure pump centrifugal pump technology of ordinary common point and the fundamental technology, such as high efficiency, high reliability, corrosion resistance, etc., for the company to develop large-scale, high pressure, high-end pump and other fields lay the technical foundation. The company's development plans and investment projects of the new and existing business are closely related. Company's existing business, a large number of technology and experience accumulated, more mature sales channels, better brand recognition and good customer base, will be the company's future development plans and the new three-year investment guarantee of success.
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