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Jiangsu province connects state city investment climate
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The city that tell a state is located in Jiangsu to save southeast minister river to join bank of big talk north, yellow Sea is faced east, the Yangtse River is depended on south, invite with Shanghai lights photograph, with North Jiangsu Campagna one arteries and veins is linked together, everything needed is ready of churchyard airport, railroad, highway, dock, the beauty that element has ” of bright phearl of “ river sea praise. Whole town gross area is 1351 square kilometer, population one million two hundred and eighty-one thousand three hundred, 23 organizational system press down next administer, developing zone of a provincial economy. Area of urban building area 6.6 square kilometer, the urban district is not agricultural population ninety-two thousand eight hundred and ninety person.

● understands general situation of economy of state city agriculture

The city that tell a state is China export goods produces one of base integratedly. Produce oil of cotton of high grade grain already, produce a variety of vegetable again, still be the main source of the crop of special type economy such as pod, mint, glossy ganoderma. Beach of many mus of 560 thousand river besmears, since teems with the main base of the special type aquaculture such as dried scallop, hilsa herring, laver, it is young plant of the throughout the country's only slimy blood clam is planted more base.

Connect city farming by-product resourceful, crop sort is various. Basically help advance somebody's career grain crop has paddy, 3 wheat, horsebean, corn, potato kind, soya bean, red bean; Economic crop has mulberry of cotton, red Jute, lake to wait; Oil-bearing crops has rape, earthnut, sesame seed to wait; Still have the bulb of fritillary, yuan the village of more than 100 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine such as moustache and all sorts of special local product and high-grade vegetable. It is countrywide key produces cotton and menthene area on the history. Province hemp kind, the crop of economy of sex of special type commodity such as material produces Chinese traditional medicine base. Include a country base of production of oil of goods of food of high grade cotton, commodity early or late, campagna afforest amounts to mark county (city) , county of focal point of production of mushroom of county of county of base of production of countrywide goat slab, focal point of aquatic product production and province pod, pearl, edible. In recent years, industrialization of the agriculture that tell a state is managed obtain remarkable result, formed Xi Ting cracker, new in lacteal corrupt, long the enterprise of bibcock of unifinication of workers and peasants of a batch of new-style trade such as celestial being fermented glutinous rice. In the meantime, whole town already formed organization of economy of association of a batch of sale, professional collaboration, make produce sale working group knits degree to get rising. Terminal market of pork of harbor of 9 country fairdyke, goat trades terminal market of river crab of the market, heath a batch farming by-product sale market is saving inside and outside to enjoy high reputation.
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