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Product of stainless steel canal should be collected oppose dumping tax
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In the important niche of website of Board of Trade of fairness of imports and exports of Chinese Department of Commerce, a announcements of hang out say, on January 30, companies of 4 production of stainless steel pipe and steely worker are combined federally submitted application to American Department of Commerce and committee of American international trade, the stainless steel that the requirement produces to China solders pressure valve spreads out instead dumping and turn over allowance investigation, these American enterprises ask, collect what 23.81%-44.73% differs to oppose dumping tax to this one product.
According to statistic of Chinese Department of Commerce, the put on record that once beautiful square government accepts stainless steel to solder,pressure provides, this will be the 9th when the United States is defeated by beautiful product to mention in the light of me double turn over amalgamative investigation.

Become global iron and steel to make from China reach after consuming the first country, the negative voice that comes from country and the area such as the United States, European Union all the time very intense. Latter thinks, a large number of exit of product of Chinese rolled steel can affect certainly market price of local rolled steel case, the market that affects business of local rolled steel even is run. Since 2007, chinese enterprise is heated up to avoid commerce to had chafed, begin additional monarch battlefield, dig new abroad destination. Even so, still cannot cast off steely commerce to encounter the awkwardness of trade barrier.

Trade expert thinks, at present more and more evidence make clear, trade protectionism is in to the whole world every country spreads, also include the United States. The formation of this one trend is main the uncertainty as a result of global economy, bring about discretion of global trade policy. Chinese steely enterprise should lock up the look gradually on home market, the setback is sufferred in order to avoid in trade friction.

The uncertainty that American general election brings, and the commerce side hard and fast much Ha Shuang negotiates, for global economy commerce enveloped a haze 2008. Chinese enterprise, body amid.

The expert connects a line

China should promote multilateral trade development

Chen Taifeng of doctor of research center of Tsinghua university national condition expresses, chinese commerce safeguard is being strengthened really, but what should notice is, global trade protectionism is increasing, the position that China takes commerce to protect is inevitable trend.

Each country home all is in economy to transfer level, policy invests in commerce / the respect is more careful, such commerce environment, no matter go up from psychology or action, make each country does not step pace in free trade respect, bring about global commerce to develop to protective type from open mode.

But from long-term consideration, the aggravation of global commerce environment, certainly will will include Chinese company inside the edge that international businessman takes a risk.
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