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Domestic large stainless steel is in charge of a factory to march actively marke
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As we have learned, home needs to build 100 thousand - the target that 300 thousand million covers with tiles implementation of ability of nuclear power plant reduces carbon dioxide discharge the pollution that cause. This is meant should build many 100 nuclear power plant, nuclear power must become mineral fuel to replace the sources of energy strongly again. According to the report of world nucleus association, china has 5 power stations to be being built, 6 include a plan, 19 are planning. To 2020, the equipment ability that group of self-made development leader hopes to throw movement achieves national nuclear power of China 40GW and the equipment capacity that building are in 18GW. That is to say will build 30 nuclear power plant 15 years henceforth, this will make China grows the first place of respect dweller world in nuclear power.

Boiler of research and development uses delegate company of the canal: This year April, chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference held “ to exceed in Zhejiang lake city (super- ) critical utility boiler provides base and identification of steel tube industry with stainless steel meeting ” . On the meeting, too of steel research and development super- (super- ) critical utility boiler is in charge of base to pass appraisal smoothly with stainless steel. The development fill of this product domestic production exceeds (super- ) the blank that critical utility boiler uses semifinished product of seamless steel tube, achieved international congener product is advanced level, can replace an entrance, have favorable social beneficial result and economic benefits. City of domestic China Xin Lihua, lake is long stand waited for an enterprise to also had been developed super- (super- ) critical utility boiler uses seamless steel tube, the application of industry of the cable that it is a nucleus lays next solid foundations.

The applied place of double photograph stainless steel: Conduit of inchoate water supply of nuclear power plant ever used much to have liner or have be able to bear or endure the carbolic steel of corrode sex, but large quantities of power stations had changed with stainless steel these carbolic steel tubing. However, maintain a problem, include S30400 and S31600 stainless steel corrode (what if because water is medium,bacterial existence is mixed,perchloride content place causes is caustic) the select material issue that has forced these companies to reconsider them.

For example, salem nuclear power plant of Xin Zexi, began to use 6% molybdenum stainless steel to change large-scaly 1988 the water supply conduit of S30400, S31600 and steel of polyethylene liner carbon. Change plan metal production 2290m254 SMO(S31254) , AL6XN and 25-6MO(both are N08925) conduit, the diameter is 19 ~ 508mm.

Was in ASME(United States 2006 mechanical engineer association) Ⅲ was released in the 7th appendix kind the code that the building uses S32205(N-741) steel example. This code is corrosion resistance can the material open between card S31600 and 6%Mo steel gate. Latter, north blocks what company of Duke Energy Of Charlotte of Luo Laina city gets ASME to approbate, agree to use stainless steel of S32205 double photograph to make safe feed pipe road system.
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