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Stainless steel solder was in charge of a project to pass an environment smoothl
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Stainless steel is in charge of limited company to produce per year 50 thousand tons of stainless steel solder to was in charge of a project to pass an environment already smoothly to affect evaluation.
The consistent impression that steely production gives authority is polluted namely particularly serious. In environmental protection respect, luck thinks of develop (Shanghai) stainless steel was in charge of limited company to throw quite great financial resources, material resources. In project construction process, the environmental protection investment of the company is 1.55 million yuan, build corresponding equipment and system to reach pickling liquid waste to undertake handling to cleaning the acerbity mist in the process.

Environmental influence is forecasted make clear, the waste gas that the project discharges won't produce apparent contaminative effect to ambient air quality, in the meantime, the manufacturing waste water that contains heavy metal also can amount to mark back row to enter plant of sewage of Feng Xianxi ministry through processing, won't produce an effect to local surface water system; Will adopt sound insulation, decrease brace up, fall a confusion of voices ensures factory bound noise amounts to mark after comprehensive measure; Solid trash will reclaim as far as possible use, appropriate processing.

The project uses the technological equipment of advanced maturity, took the significant step such as water of energy-saving, section, implemented measure of 3 useless processing, effectively implementation pollution amounts to mark to discharge.

In the meantime, the company is returned will will be in plant area construction add afforest strength, afforest area is 20 mus.

Luck thinks of develop company to be in efforts of environmental protection respect, established a good example to build steel tube business.

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