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Yu Cai leads product of stainless steel of steelworks of treasure steel stainles
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The effort that passes nearly two months tackles key problem, a few days ago, yu Cai leads product of stainless steel of smelt of steelworks of branch of treasure steel stainless steel by original 5.61% drop 1.5% .
It is reported, the problem of more than material of stainless steel product is the main problem that affects manufacturing cost all the time. At the beginning of this year July, the steelworks was organized tackle key problem group, reduce rate of Yu Cai of stainless steel product to undertake tackling key problem as priority discipline. Tackle key problem the matter that the member that comprise studied to Yu Cai produces AOD smelt seriously, wait for means through spot survey and extensive research, formulate accepted improvement method of feed in raw material, raise slag alkalinity and steel fluid temperature to wait for a series of measure appropriately, make occurence rate of stainless steel Yu Cai drops apparently finally.

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