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Solution of Chinese FTTH cable
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Technology of 1.FTTH fiber-optic implementation
Receiving a net to go up, fiber-optic replace all sorts of copper to pledge cabled yarn is inevitable trend, but develop in FTTH and popularize initial stage, fiber-optic coexistence of as qualitative as copper cabled yarn is inevitable, fiber-optic the technical risk that pledges with copper the coexistence of cabled yarn can make user and telegraphic operation business avoid FTTH effectively. Above all, the broadband that can use FiberP2P to receive technical low cost to realize FTTH in initial stage receives; next, at present business of Chinese telegraphic industry offers existence trade barrier, make single operation business cannot receive a network to offer business of 3 nets syncretic in FTTH; Again, because cable life can amount to 30 years, and cupreous qualitative cabled yarn is 10 years commonly, when because this pledges when copper cabled yarn appears because of life problem,communication quality drops, do not need again laid any cabled yarn, need to upgrade only fiber-optic equipment, with respect to the business that can offer former copper to pledge cabled yarn is offerred.

2.FTTH uses cable

If the graph is shown 1 times, according to cable the position in FTTH system network differs, can divide for trunk cable, layout cable and user cable. Bureau of center of trunk cable traceable, join arrives allocate a dot. Number of core of trunk cable fine will be more, little an about a hundred core, many hundreds of core, go up even 1000 core, normally type of use center canal, layer wrings type and bone posture fiber-optic belt cable.

2.1 layout cable

Layout cable allocates a dot to receive the cable between the dot to the user for light. Differ according to the position, layout cable can choose cable of the two consumed outside ben of the cable outdoor, room and indoor cable 3 kinds. Layout cable traceable allocates a dot, join receives a dot to many users, its enclothe area general too won't big, use a star normally / tree structure, cable use normally take cable or the schism type cable with fine core big density. Because the installation of cable is commonly,be in populous urban urban district at the same time, accordingly, want the conduit with original make the most of and tubal aperture, strive for high density answer with already some subterranean spaces, of course the adjustment that cable also wants to make respect of proper structure character according to choosing dimensional character, improve in order to assure the safety of the function of original conduit and cable. The cable that with these special roads authority lays calls ” of cable of “ route authority normally, its cable basically have the following kinds:

(1) gas blows small cable

Inside existing communication conduit or in need to lay the road of cable by go up to lay beforehand small canal (2) seeing a graph, to continuous air current is filled inside conduit, use the air current inside conduit to put small cable cloth in miniature conduit to the push-pull action of small cable surface. In this kind of special environment, small cable should have appropriate strong soft performance, the attrition force between the surface inside outside face and small canal wants small, small cable appearance and exterior configuration are helpful for producing great push-pull power below air current, small cable and small canal are had put mechanical function is blown in suiting small canal, have proper environmental performance, have the optics that suits systematic requirement and transmission moral character.
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