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Comfortable eletroplate at what the material decorative pattern such as stainles
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What design an invention by Liang Chaowei is comfortable eletroplate at what decorative pattern eletroplates equipment, it includes to eletroplate main body, cathode, positive pole and the power source circuit that supply shade, positive pole, what narrate eletroplate main body includes advocate bracket, installation at advocate the upper mould that cathode contains on bracket and the lower mould that contain positive pole; What narrate advocate bracket upside installation has air cylinder, upper mould installs the piston end at air cylinder; Advocate the bottom installation of bracket has mould bases, lower mould is installed go up at mould bases, leave through what the motion of air cylinder drives upper mould and lower mould close. What narrate advocate installation is returned to control eletroplates on bracket the circulatory system of fluid. Hand presses mains switch, on, next moulds are united in wedlock, cathode of cation flow direction is reductive on its, wait for eletroplate the film that a metal forms on content; Whole operation efficiency of simple, production is tall, cost is low, of the decorative pattern design that applies to the material such as stainless steel extensively eletroplate on.

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