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Base of stainless steel canal is tasted newly through appraisal
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Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference holds “ to exceed in Zhejiang lake city (super- ) critical utility boiler is in charge of base and appraisal of steel tube industry with stainless steel meeting ” . On the meeting, too steel does not become rusty (love, prices, information) (of 000825) research and development super- (super- ) critical utility boiler is in charge of base to pass appraisal smoothly with stainless steel. The mark is worn too industry of large utility boiler of home of preexistence of this kind of ratio defective product gets steel application, reflected adequately too steel does what do ” of ” of product of big “ fist, “ characteristic product by force to manage concept and too steel in high end the ability of research and development with advanced domain of stainless steel of high additional cost reachs craft level.

Electric power is the assurance that whole socioeconomy develops and foundation, as a result of the structure of the sources of energy of little oil of our country rich coal, generation set of coal fired firepower occupies the 75% above of generation set total capacity, hold dominant position. Accompany our country industrialization and modernization demand, energy utilization rate emission of tall, pollution generous of tall, look exceeds little, parameter critical and super- (super- ) critical generate electricity the technology has become our country coal fired the development direction of group of igneous electric machinery. Be in super- (super- ) in the important pressure part of critical boiler, working temperature the component with most harsh environment of highest, work is superheater and reheater, the boiler that produces superheater and reheater at present is in charge of base material to be imported from abroad entirely with stainless steel, and breach of this kind of material on international is bigger, entrance price is high, purchase difficulty, affected our country badly to exceed the production that exceeds critical boiler and development. For this, too the development that steel plants at establishing task group to begin this steel 2005, through effort of nearly 3 years, obtained satisfactory positive result eventually.

Appraisal committee is right too steel is planted in this steel the achievement that in developing a process, obtains gave sufficient affirmation, the development fill that expresses new product domestic production exceeds (super- ) the blank that critical utility boiler uses base of seamless steel tube, achieved international congener product is advanced level, can replace an entrance, have favorable social beneficial result and economic benefits.

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