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Cold rolling stainless steel board exit
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, europe appoint can be opposite formally the stainless steel that comes from China board initiate turn over dumping investigation, this involves our country too the exit amount that the enterprise such as steel of steel, Bao Gang, wine makes an appointment with 681 million dollar to the European Union (by the statistical) 2007. This already was last year since September, the European Union is opposite the 5th times the iron and steel that comes from China kind the product adopts the commerce sanction means that turns over a dumping.
As we have learned, what active demand undertakes turning over a dumping investigating basically is enterprise of European Union stainless steel. Alliance of European iron and steel industry goes out in requisition middle finger, the market share to industry of European Union country and price level caused the stainless steel product that imports from China adverse effect, mix to the integral outstanding achievement of European Union iron and steel industry, profit obtain employment produced negative effect.
In last few years, european project measures rapid growth, the rolled steel that China exports an European Union because of valence low qualitative actor gets the favour of broad consumption business. Alliance of iron and steel industry of steely guild Europe comes from before this (of Eurofer) in forecasting, say, china is in the ” of increase sharply of steely product “ that from the European Union 27 countries imported 2007, the likelihood achieves 10 million tons, increase one times than 5 million tons of 2006.
A few big stainless steel produce “ business fears China can gobble up the market, see not hard, here contains apparent commerce to protect colour. The steel in ” assist vice-chairman holds standing secretary-general Luo Bing concurrently to be born express.
“ European Union does not admit China is ’ of country of ‘ market economy, make we are in passive situation. ” European Union uses “ to replace a country the regular price of product of case of experience of cost ” computation, decide my dumping profit margin thereby, and such computational method, meet in the respect such as artificial price, raw material far the real cost of product of tower above our country, tall even give a few times. The message that from fairness of Department of Commerce Board of Trade gets is, of this stainless steel case replacing a country is Mexico.
Begin to put forward to turn over a dumping to product of Chinese stainless steel in the European Union when, on January 30, company of production of 4 stainless steel pipes and steely worker are combined federally handed over application to American Department of Commerce and committee of American international trade, the stainless steel that the requirement produces to China solders pressure valve spreads out at the same time instead dumping and turn over allowance investigation. These American business demands collect what 23.81 % differ to 44.73 % to turn over dumping duty to this one product.
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