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Seamless steel tube removes transform a project
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A few days ago, the Tianjin metallurgy seamless steel tube that labels projects of the 2nd batch of 20 major project removes transform a project formal start. This project by Tianjin city seamless tubing mill and county of Tianjin static sea friend of civilian battalion industry sends steel tube group joint-stock construction, the project will promote equipment level and product class greatly after complete put into production, expand further Tianjin city is in the integral market competition ability of domain of seamless steel tube; To developing area county industry further, expand civilian battalion economy, drive the city zone of seaside new developed area, center and area county 3 levels linkage coordinates development, form much dot to prop up, the development pattern of multipolar growth has principal port.

Tianjin city seamless tubing mill built a factory 1958, be start in home seamless steel tube of special canal, high-pressured boiler canal and other hot-rolling, cold-drawing produces faster oil one of base, its product is popular domestic and international market. But because be in downtown, plant area area, raw material is supplied, all around environment is restricting business development, need is carried out remove transform.

Friend of static sea county sends a group is new-style civilian battalion enterprise, have the raw material resource such as billet, can satisfy manufacturing seamless steel tube to use raw material through transforming, static sea county has land natural resources and electric power condition, seamless tubing mill and friendly hair group comprise joint-stock company, executive seamless steel tube removes transform, not only solve develop a problem without what seam, the development that sends a group for friend again at the same time offers a condition, both sides forms an advantage complementary.

The seamless steel tube that both sides carries out jointly removes transform a project, product fixed position is mixed in seamless steel tube of cold-drawing of φ10mm ~ φ89mm canal of boiler of canal of oil tube of oil of tall steel class, bushing, cop, high pressure, stainless steel is in charge of all sorts of norms of φ25mm ~ φ360mm wait for the canal of hot-rolling finished product that has content of new and high technology. Basically transforming content is: Aircrew of hot-rolling of will former φ120 upgrades transform connect rolling mill group for φ273, remove transform product line of hot-rolling of existing φ140, φ100 and perforation - cold-drawing product line, transform heat treatment product line, build a canal to machine product line and do not become rusty tubal product line. With producing deep treatment and tall steel class efficient end item is given priority to, the urgent need of the sources of energy such as contented oil field, colliery, mechanical, petrifaction and fundamental industry.

This project total investment is 1.999 billion yuan, cover an area of a face to accumulate 600 thousand square metre, total floor area is two hundred and ninety thousand nine hundred square metre. Cent period builds: First phase construction, aircrew of hot-rolling of will former φ120 upgrades transform connect rolling mill group for φ273 product line and rebuild heat treatment and fair complementary establishment, the copy is complete 2008. 2 period construction, remove transform product line of hot-rolling of existing φ140, φ100 and perforation - cold-drawing product line; Remove transform heat treatment product line; Build a canal to machine thick wire of product line and vitta mound, stainless steel to be in charge of product line to reach fair complementary establishment, the copy is complete 2009. ,
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