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Russia prepares to restrict Chinese stainless steel to be in charge of pair of R
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According to " daily of Russia business affairs " reported recently, russia is preparing to export Russia stainless steel to China at present the canal begins special protection investigation, and adopt the measure such as executive quota to restrict Chinese stainless steel to be in charge of pair of Russia exit.

Industry grows Russia plumber foundation handed over the application that is in charge of executive quota about exporting Russia stainless steel to China to department of Russia classics trade this year in October. At the same time industry grows Russian plumber the measure that foundation also continues to try to suggest manufacturer home of China adopts automatic limitation. But negotiation end in smoke.
Industry grows Russia plumber Jieyinieke expresses • of foundation chairman Alexander say, those who occupy this foundation forecast, all sorts of canal material that China exports to Russia this year will achieve 280 thousand tons, was 2004 804% what export a quantity. Because China exports the amount tubal material of Russia to grow quickly, bring about Russia to be in charge of timber production to drop thereby, the loss that causes to Russia company this year can amount to 360 million dollar.
In the meantime, the price that Chinese exit is in charge of to the stainless steel of Russia is every tons 1300 to 1500 dollars, and every tons are in the price of Chinese home market 6000 to 7000 dollars. The Chinese stainless steel of 95% above is in charge of is export with this kind of low.

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