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Industry of global iron and steel is integrated
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Mix in iron and steel of tower of Midaer and Ansaile, tower Corus is so large-scale after been buy, old steel mill of Korea and Japan adopts measure defence animosity actively to buy, large-scale buy pace to appear to put delay somewhat. Industry of global iron and steel was bought 2007 begin to specialization to miniature, height change, especially the industry such as special steel and oily well casing. These are bought go up in dimensions with last year how - although cannot place on a par,the tower tower iron and steel at the beginning of this year buys Corus, but it is right whole industry, it is advantageous to user, supplier and area.

1. Miniature, specialization and buy active with each passing day

The United States, Canada and Mexico have the enterprise that there is him special skill in special steel and vitta industry, and these business partner are dispersive, be become extremely easily and buy the object on the market. Pu Sike of Yi of two steelworks of Canadian and company of iron and steel of A Erge horse part by company of Swedish iron and steel (SSAB) with India company of dust Sa steel brings into a banner to fall with 1.6 billion dollar with 7.7 billion dollar, company of Mexican blast furnace (Imsa) be bought by Argentine Ternium company. Additional, american USS buys next oil steel tube to produce company of iron and steel of manufacturer Gu star with 2.06 billion dollar, finish steely to Canada company buy. Group of the course that build Er opens up endowment 259 million dollar buys company of competitor Mexico SiderurgicaTultitlan to wait a moment, button company stalking or branch group of Canadian Harris steel (Harris) bring into octogenarian to fall, and in a planned way is contributive 28 million dollar buys American LMP steel and wire company to wait a moment.

Ansailemidaer still active the arena that be in and buys, it seems that global various places is like Asia, Oceanian, hamster and South America to have permeate, bought steelworks provides oneself specialty more, product more specialization, the industry such as prospective stainless steel, steel tube becomes the centre of gravity that its buy. Only December, the company undertook Ansailemidaer 4 cases buy, with Australian steel sale company EisenWagner is signed 100% buy an agreement, the one stainless steel that buys Uruguay is in charge of company of manufacturer home Cinter, buy OFZ of Slovak ferroalloy manufacturer, and buy subsidiary of Brazilian stainless steel the rest of 47% share. Ansailemidaer returns hopeful to buy French seamless steel tube to produce manufacturer to cover with tiles Lu Lei overcomes industrial company, recombine reach enlarge steel tube business, strive for manufacturer of before entering the world 3 big steel tube the home. In addition, ansailemidaer still buys Chinese east bloc to accuse a limited company share, indian steelworks also will become the target that its buy.

2. Steelworks of day, Han expands to alliance resists and be bought
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